Custom Signs for Your Designs

We Produce Signs That Get You Noticed

It’s simple. Without an eye-catching sign for your business, you lose revenue. For nearly 30 years, Lee Designs has helped businesses create unique signs that increase traffic through the doors of Florida’s most prominent businesses.

Our in-house team manages everything from start to finish—designing, permitting, manufacturing, and installing. We also help maintain your signs, big or small—whether we built and installed the sign or not! You can see our signs at Legoland, Six Flags, Lee Health, Millennium Physicians Group, popular shopping centers, your favorite restaurant, car washes, apartment complexes, and local churches. Lee Designs makes custom signs for all businesses.


Apartment Sign - Inspira Apartment Sign - The Haven

Attention-Grabbing Ground Signs

Monument signs are low to the ground and are typically seen at the entrances to shopping centers and neighborhoods. They are large enough for people to see from the street and identify what businesses are in the shopping complex. This type of sign helps ensure that all businesses within the center can be found. Pylon signs have the same purpose but are higher allowing them to be seen from greater distances.

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LED Displays Make Good Business Sense

EMCs can display words, videos, symbols, figures, or images that can be electronically changed or updated from wherever you are. The versatility of what can be displayed on an EMC, coupled with the ability to update sign information remotely, makes EMC’s a popular sign for many businesses.

Apartment Sign - Inspira Apartment Sign - The Haven

Channel Letters- A Sign of your Identity

 A potential customer saw your sign on the road and pulled into your parking lot. Now, they’re looking for your store entrance. Channel Letter Signs are typically placed above the door of your location, steering customers through your front door. These popular types of signs are usually lit with either a glowing backlight effect or with each individual letter lit from within its casing. 

Apartment Sign - Inspira Apartment Sign - The Haven

The Best Flag Poles for Florida Weather

Flag poles—especially those in Florida!—are required to withstand hurricane-strength winds. Lee Designs has a Project Manager specializing in and dedicated to flag pole installation. The Project Manager takes care of everything that’s needed for both our business and homeowner clients.

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Make It Your Own

 Signage doesn’t stop once a customer walks into your store or office. Creative interior wall signage provides a professional, trustworthy atmosphere to your customers. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) signage makes facilities easy to navigate for all. Your Project Manager will guide you through the requirements as you build out your suite of interior signs. 



We Make "I Need a Sign" 
an Easy Process

You’ve put a lot of thought into your business. Now that it’s time to create and install signs, you’re overwhelmed with choices.

Lee designs understands what it takes to create a sign that attracts customers—and we make it easy for you.

Our expert team will guide you through every step, from design to installation—and beyond! We’re experienced in making all types of signs from exterior monument and channel letters to interior wall logos and ADA compliant signage. Lee Designs signs are distinctive and dramatic—attracting business to your location—while meeting government codes and requirements.

Our relationship with you doesn’t end with installation. Your business is important to your community, and we won’t forget that. That’s why Lee Designs will also be there for any maintenance or repairs that you need.

Your Guide to Quality Signs

Your personal Project Manager will listen and work with you to design a sign that you love and that draws in customers. We take personal care in guiding you through the options that best suit your business, your building and your location.

Once you approve your design, our in-house team of craftsmen will hand make and install your sign. Throughout the process, we will keep you in the loop as much or as little as you want.

“From concept to final product, it was a pleasure working with Elisha and Lee Designs. They were able to meet our exact needs for our pylon sign at a fair price and in a timely fashion.”
Carrie Collins
Director of E-Commerce Aladdin Equipment Co., Inc
“Beyond the five star quality of their work and craftsmanship, the communication was seamless, responsive, and efficient. Those of you that do these type of projects on a regular basis know how critically important those items are.”
Richard Kohn
Vehicle Fortress LLC
“Very pleased with the process from the initial design all the way through to completion of the project! The blending of professionalism and personal service was a great combination.”
Jeff Chitwood
Sr. Minister at Anchor Christian Church