Business Signage FAQs

What is an NOC?

A Notice of Commencement is an "NOC". The State of Florida requires notice as per Section 713.13 in the Florida Statutes that improvement will be commenced within 30 days after it is recorded. The "NOC" must be submitted as an original document, signed and notarized by the property owner.

 docs/Notice of Commencement Provided by Lee Designs, LLC.pdf

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How long does it take to get a sign permit?

Generally a sign permit takes 3 days – 2 weeks to process depending on the process of the municipality. Should a sign require a deviation or variance, it can take up to several months. The sign contractor should be able to explain the sign permit process and the average time frame.

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Do I need a sign permit for a temporary sign?

Each municipality has different sign ordinances so it is best to check with the municipality in which the temporary sign will be installed. Some locations even require a sign permit for a garage sale sign!

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How is the square footage of a sign calculated?

The SIGN AREA is calculated by the height x width of the smallest rectangle area that encompasses the copy, logo, insignia, symbol, photograph, background and border of a sign. In the case of a back-to-back or double-faced sign, commonly only one side of the sign is counted but should be verified with the district in which the business resides.

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When is a sign permit required?

Permanent building mounted signs, site installed signs and even directional sign normally all need a sign permit and must be approved by the city or county in which the business resides. Typically your local sign company should be well versed and licensed with the local municipalities and will apply for the sign permit. Should the sign go up without a permit, it is the responsibility of the business or association to acquire such permits.

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