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Posted by Ashlee White on Tue, Oct 13, 2015

Electronic Message Centers are becoming a very popular way to market a company. Message Centers are the most cost-effective and most powerful form of advertising. With the most eye-catching graphics you are able to constantly update and change the board as your business grows and changes. Being a custom sign company that takes pride in the quality of each and every sign we sell, we look for the same in a vendor for message centers. As in anything there is a wide range of options when buying message centers, which also means there is a wide range of cost. When looking at purchasing a message center there are many different things that need to be considered such as: where is the product manufactured, where are their supplies from, the life expectancy of the signs, etc. All of this is what goes into purchasing a quality electronic message center.

When looking into purchasing a message center we review the needs of the customer to see what products may work best for them (whether they would like full color board or just red, single-sided or double-sided, etc.) From here we get with our message center manufacturer, Optec Displays, and get some options for the customer. It is important to know that not all message centers are equal and they need to be looked into. Lee Designs has already done the research and have found a company who delivers great quality and also provides 5 years parts and labor on their boards! Webinars and onsite demos can then be scheduled with the customer and Optec in order for the customer to get an up close and personal view of the boards and ask any miscellaneous questions they may have!

Once the customer has purchased the board they are not alone! Customers will receive software training and are always able receive expert support after their purchase!

Electronic Message Centers increase marketing and visibility for businesses and you can guarantee that with Lee Designs, the research has been done and you will be purchasing a quality product.