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UL: Working for a Safer World

Posted by Ashlee White on Thu, Apr 30, 2015

UL is a company that works for a safer world. UL tests, inspects, certifies, audits, and validates products. There label shows that whatever product that is being used is safe for the user. The UL Mark appears on billions of products annually and is one of the most accepted certification marks in the United States. They are concerned with the safety aspect of all potentially hazardous products and seeing their label means that product is safe. They test and certify a wide variety of products including: marine products, life saving devices, fire suppression, growth, and containment equipment. UL helps new industries create safer living and work environments.

Lee Designs is a UL certified company and you can see the UL marks on all of our products. This is an important thing to look out for and by seeing that we have a UL label on our products you can have the peace of mind knowing that our products our safe for you and the environment.