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Posted by Ashlee White on Wed, Apr 15, 2015

Often signage is put on the back burner until many business owners are almost at the point of opening their business. Upon being contracted, the first step is Engineering, which depending on the jurisdiction is mostly ground signage. Once the engineering is received then we prepare for permit submittal. For ground signage this is a much longer process because there is a lot more paperwork and time involved in the permitting process. Ground signage always requires engineering and a site plan showing location and setback of the sign from the property line. The setback also varies by jurisdiction. Wall signage is a much easier process which just requires the conceptual design and the mounting details for the facade in which the sign will be mounted too. Each jurisdiction also varies on the timing of permit approval. Some can take as little as a week and there are a few that can take up to almost 4 weeks. The clients only responsibility is to supply us with the paperwork needed and most importantly determining the location of the sign. Once permit is approved we go into production. Is it Non Illuminated or Illuminated? If the sign is Illuminated it is client responsibility to make sure sufficient power is ran to the sign location. Lee Designs is a state certified electric sign contractor which means we have the ability to hook up to existing power we are just not licensed to run the electric. The production of signage also varies. Typically for ground signage we estimate at 8-10 weeks and for wall signage typically 4-6 weeks. Of course that can vary as well depending on how intricate the project can be. We always do our best to meet the clients deadline so they have signage at the initial opening of their business. We make the signage process as stress free and smooth as possible for each client but to help the process please make sure to give yourself and us ample time for the signage phase of your project.