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The Sign Process

Posted by Ashlee White on Wed, Jul 16, 2014

The sign business is not one many people are too knowledgeable about. Many people believe there is a store where you can just go grab your signs and put them up! It is not that simple and Lee Designs is all about custom signage. There is a process that we go through to get each and every customer their perfect sign just the way they want it!

The process starts out with design. The design stage is where the customer provides us with some information about their business and what they are looking for: if they know what kind of sign they want, their logo, colors, etc.,  if not we can whip up one our own ideas for you to look at too! We work with you to show you a layout of what your sign will look like and get your signed approval.

Once all the paperwork is done with and the customer approves the layout and pricing we move to permitting! Permitting is where we get the approval from the city or county the customer is located in to put their sign up. Depending on where you are located there are different sign codes and allowances (all of which your sales person can help you with) and each city/county has a different time range of when permits will be approved, typically ranging from 1-3 weeks

Once the permit has been approved, that is our go ahead to move into production. Production is where we begin building the custom signage completely in house! We produce the sign as quickly as the sign will allow. The customer will be continuously updated on the production schedule and anticipated date of install and is encouraged to stop by Lee Designs and see the progress being made on the new custom sign.

This leads to the final step, installation! Once the sign is completed we will install the sign and post the permits. The city or county the customer is located in will come inspect the sign and approve it, and that is the end! You are ready to run your business with a great new custom sign by Lee Designs!

Knowing the process of the sign business helps give a little insight into all of the little steps involved in getting a custom sign. It is not always the quickest process, but well worth it in the end to receive that custom signage for your business!